The Pomodoro brand is well established in Taiwan, where it sells its products through  platforms like Momo & PChome. Pomodoro outgrew the Taiwanese market and reached out to us for help with international expansion.


By creating copy for a newly defined target audience, we rebranded the Pomodoro without changing the naming scheme & logo. Then we launched the product on Shopify and prepared it for launching on Amazon.


Brand Story
Amazon FBA

the beginning

Pomodoro is a Taiwanese manufacturer of vacuum food containers with an automatic vacuum pump that removes the oxygen to keep food fresh for longer. In a market where more people eat outside than cook
at home, the brand has quickly reached a point where it could no longer grow. Pomodoro reached out to
us for help with an international expansion.

marketing research

When Pomodoro reached out to us, their brand was fully Taiwan-oriented. That’s why we decided that before we help Pomodoro go global, we need to do full marketing research to find about pricing, the target audience, and to create a marketing persona. We also conducted a competitive analysis. During that process, we learned that the vacuum containers niche is remarkably profitable and that after a few adjustments, the product should sell well in the USA.


Based on our marketing research, we knew that to be successful, Pomodoro needs a new brand. A brand
that will connect with USA consumers. Due to the limited budget, a full rebranding was out of the picture.
By creating a copy, photos, and marketing strategy from scratch for a newly defined target audience, we managed to do a rebranding without changing the logo and naming scheme. Knowing who Pomodoro’s customers are, we also crafted a new brand story, more suitable for western costumers.


We designed and created a Shopify store that was aimed at the newly defined target audience. Everything from product photography to manual to copy had to be rewritten. At the same time, we worked on the pricing scheme and development of product variations. We also prepared the product for launch on Amazon FBA.