PackU is a brand created especially for Amazon. Selling on Amazon makes the branding and marketing process unique
comes with a set of specific challenges that need to be overcome. 


We created a full-fledged private label
Amazon brand from scratch. We designed three products that quickly became top sellers in their respective categories on Amazon.


Amazon FBA

the beginning

We started with finding products that have the biggest chance to sell on Amazon. After days of marketing research and going trought hundreds of products, we narrowed it down to a profitable niche. The first product we chose was the plastic stretch wrap with a handle, so we created a branding strategy around that. 

brand definition

Stretch wrap film is mainly used for moving where it helps with wrapping up furniture, picture frames, securing boxes and items, and storage to protect boxes and items from dust and water.

From there, we came up with a brand’s name and logo. Since packing is the primary purpose of the product, and we wanted to emphasize that it can make “your” life more comfortable, we named it PackU, combining “packing” and “you.”

The simple logo, a cardboard box, reflects the typical usage of the product – securing boxes. We went with green as the brand and logo color. Each color speaks to a different aspect of the consumer. Green elicits peace and well-being, which matches the purpose of the product – keeping your items safe.

photography & copy

With the logo and the product ready, we have created a set of photos that show the product its functionality
and provide some real-life usage examples.

Next, we created a copy that will help the product sell. Amazon limits the number of words that can be used and the way you can present your copy. We came up with a simple copy that shows what makes the product unique and how it can help buyers solve their problems.

Within a few months, PackU’s first product turned out to be a success and as the brand grew, so did its line of products. We repeated the same process for the next 2 products, identifying a profitable niche, creating copy, and taking product photos.