Humans of ASUS


Show the human side of ASUS beyond its products, presenting ASUS’ most prized asset – people. Create honest, heartfelt stories and images featuring the people behind the brand and Celebrate the 30th milestone by making it all about PEOPLE.


Photos, interviews, and stories show ASUS
as a collective of talented and passion driven people. Instagram photos & stories showcase people behind ASUS from all levels of the company, from HR to engineers to executives.


Campaign Development

the beginning

2019 marks the 30th anniversary of ASUS, a Taiwan-based multinational computer and phone hardware
and electronics company. To celebrate this milestone, ASUS has reached out to AmzPro for help with
ASUS employees’ campaign in a series of social posts. The idea was to interview employees about their
life and work at ASUS and take their portrait photos, similar in style to Humans of New York.


This was an assignment like no assignment before. The goal was to show people of ASUS – who they are, what they do, and what drives them. From the beginning, we knew we will have a limited amount of time with each employee, so we had to make sure that both interviews and photography sessions will go as smoothly
as possible without disturbing our subjects’ busy schedules.

Over a few months, we interviewed and photographed over 14 ASUS’s employees and executives from
various departments, including ASUS’s new CEOs – Samson Hu and SY Hsu. Interviews were conducted
both in English and Chinese.


The hardest part of the “Humans of ASUS” campaign was to find the perfect balance between showing the company and the people who work there. We were also working with our subjects at their busiest time of
the year – just before COMPUTEX, where ASUS always presents its newest products. We offered ASUS
a customized solution – we arrived at HQ when there was time for an interview and photo session and stay
as long as it was necessary to complete the task.


The “Humans of ASUS” campaign turned out to be remarkably successful, bringing in thousands of likes on Instagram and increasing ASUS’s social media outreach. The campaign has also changed how people and how we view ASUS. ASUS is not just a typical corporation. It’s a collective of people just like you and me who are driven to achieve great things by their passion for both products and consumers.