After a successful Kickstarter campaign with more than 1250 backers who pledged over $120,000, Hoverpen needed a USA entry strategy to expand its market. 


We successfully launched Hoverpen on Amazon.


Amazon FBA

the beginning

The Hoverpen is the world’s first vertically standing, gravity-defying pen. The Hoverpen’s innovative pedestal creates a magnetic field that keeps the pen perfectly balanced. After being successful on Kickstarter, the company needed a new way to continue selling the product globally.


After researching many potential ways of entering the US market, we decided that the best course of selling Hoverpen in the USA will be Amazon. Amazon helped us solve one of the biggest challenges with entering a foreign market – lack of distribution. Thanks to Amazon FBA, we could bring the product to the US relatively cheaply and fast.

kickstarter vs. amazon

Amazon and Kickstarter are two different platforms that require a different approach. Hoverpen was highly successful on Kickstarter, but for Amazon, we had to change the marketing strategy mainly by adjusting
the copy and creating new photos according to Amazon’s regulations.


For brands outside of Brand Registry, Amazon offers limited marketing options. We started with aggressive PPC campaigns to generate as many sales as possible while investing in the Early Review program to get reviews.

Hoverpen quickly became popular, so we followed the original Hoverpen with additional colors and materials. We also launched Hoverpen refills.